Most Asked Questions about Kohl’s Credit Card

kohl credit card

Do I Need To Pay Off My Card Right Away?

No, it’s not necessary to pay your credit card off immediately (as in the same day you charge) but it’s a good habit to pay the entire balance off before your due date. This will help you avoid interest and will also keep you from using your credit card indiscriminately. For whatever reason, if you are unable to pay your entire balance off; at least pay the minimum amount due. You can read more on this here


How Do I Get A Credit Line Increase?

You can call your credit card company’s customer care @ 800-955-7070 and request a credit line increase. But this will involve, for sure, a hard review of your credit score which will bring your credit score down. For tips, alternatives and more; please visit


What Credit Score Will I Need?

You would ideally need, what’s called, a Fair Credit (i.e. a credit score of 620 and above) to be eligible for this card. But factors like income and existing debt obligations are also taken into consideration while deciding on your application. You can check your credit score for free at WalletHub


If I Am A Day Late With My Payment, Will It Go Against My Credit Score?

No, if you are one day late with your payment it doesn’t get reported to the credit bureau. But if you are more than 30 days late, it will get reported for sure.


Can You Pay The Kohl’s Charge With A Credit Card While You Try To Earn Some Miles?

Unfortunately, paying your Kohl’s Credit Card bill with another credit card is not an option. There are; however, other methods of making your payment which is explained here


How Do I Report A Lost Kohl’s Credit Card?

You can call customer care @ 800-955-7070 and report your card lost.

Alternately, you could also log in to your account online and report your card lost. Please go through your recent transactions and the next few monthly statements carefully to ensure that there has been no unauthorized charges on your card. You can find more on this topic here


Can I Use This Card Outside Kohl’s?

Unfortunately no; you can only use the Kohl’s card at the Kohl’s store or at


What Does The Minimum Payment Mean On The Kohl’s Statement?

The minimum payment is the minimum amount you can pay towards your Kohl’s Card by the due date, every month. In most cards the minimum payment is calculated at 3% of the total outstanding balance (subject to a minimum of $10–$25). If this amount is not paid by the due date, you will be charged a late fee. It is recommended that you go through the article on Paying Credit Card Bills and How Credit Card Interest Works


My Kohl’s Card Was Approved But I Don’t Have It Yet. Can I Use My Credit Before It Arrives?

If your Kohl’s Charge Card application is approved then you will receive a temporary credit card number which you can start using immediately at or at the Kohl’s store.


Which Bank Issues Kohl’s Credit Cards?
Capital One


Can I Get A Secondary Card For My Spouse?

Yes, you can. Just have your spouse added as an authorized user and the issuing bank (Capital One) will have a card sent in your spouse’s name.