How to Use Associate Discount

Store Payments:

  • When you use your Kohl’s Charge, you will be automatically recognized as an Associate and on checkout, the discounts will be applied.
  • Other tenders: to print your discount card, click on the Associate Services option of


Online Payments:

  • The Associate discount can only be received when you use Kohl’s Charge at
  • Few days after you order, the Associate Discount appears in the My Kohl’s Charge. In your transaction history, it will appear as a separate item.
  • It will not be shown in the confirmation email or confirmation page.
  • The discount is not given on the Wayfair items.

To recognize your Kohl’s Charge, a time period of around 20 days can be taken.


Associate shopping:

  • A pass is not needed by associates.
  • Store: at your shopping in store, the discount is applied automatically through your Kohl’s charge. In case of other tenders, the Spouse discount card or Associate discount card is to be shown.
  • Online: the discount is applied automatically to the Kohl’s charge statement when online payment is made.
  • You can combine the discount with %-off or $-off discounts.
  • On exclusive brands, both regular and additional discounts are available.
  • Associate’s spouse, children or any other individual on the federal income tax form of associate can be considered as eligible family members.


Family and Friends Shopping Events

In case of Family and Friends Shopping events, you will be given Associate Shopping Pass with other passes to give to friends and family. The details of the pass must be considered while combining the discounts because of different guidelines for online and store payments.


Return and Discount

In your transaction history, your return is depicted as RETURN AT and your charge back of original discount can be seen as ‘EMP DISC RTRN…”